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Hydrobiological Station

is located in an over 100-year-old building of the former Prussian primary school in the village of Pilchy.
After World War II, the building was used by a Polish primary school for three decades.
In 1985, the building changed its function and became a quarter of the field station of the Department of Hydrobiology of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw. Currently, it is the quarter of the field station of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw.

Pilchy village

A former fishing village situated on the northern shore of Roś Lake, at the mouth of the Pilchy peninsula. Most of the indigenous inhabitants left the village after the Second World War, newcomers arrived. Since the 1990s, the village has been growing rapidly and changing its face. Currently, most of the over 300 local settlements have a recreational profile.

Lake Roś

(also called the Warsaw Lake by Masurians) is a postglacial flow-through lake with a well-developed coastline. It is the first lake in the system of the Great Masurian Lakes, from where the waterway extends to the north and south of the country.

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